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Old L.A. Zoo

It's interesting to see a tourist attraction that is left for dead, so to speak. The front of this place was actually pretty stunning to approach. We parked our car in a rather normal looking wilderness sort of park and then came across what looked like a scene from the Lion King. It was sort of strange walking through here imagining what it must have been like when it was open.


We explored around and inside these things and it's really sad how small they actually were compared to the size of the presumed animals they kept in them. The zoo area is also quite small- we walked around on a few trails in the surrounding hills and didn't find much more. But what we did find and what we were able to go inside and explore were both bone-chilling and yet beautiful.

Overall, there aren't many words I would use to talk about this place, just an overall sort of sad feeling.

Many others before us apparently thought it was cool to break open the fences and go inside (and graffiti) the backs of what I presume to be old dens of lions. These were up the hill, and behind, from the first picure I posted. They are stairways from tiny dark cages (more like graffitied caves) that lead down to the front display Lion King-y looking area.


Walking up the trail more we found this creepy little house, not sure what it was used for but on the other side there were tiny cages of sorts.


The view inside, through the window.