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Abandoned Nazi Camp

If you want an uninterupted visit to the Nazi Camp, I would suggest going during the week. We went on a Sunday, biggest mistake ever. Not only was it crowded with hikers (that was expected), but there was a rather large group of college students filming a music video, hogging the house for hours. The whole trail was beautiful though, including the grueling stairs. There are about 511 of them, so essentially we went up and down over 1000 stairs in one day. Tiring, but worth it.

Obviously rules don't apply to rebels.

Here's a new or abandoned house, under construction.

This was off to the side of the House, where we waited for those college jerks to finish their film. A group of guys came through, doing the weirdest workout I've ever seen, and this is their dog.

FINALLY we were able to go inside the house. It sort of had two separate cellar areas, and a "second floor," but really just a high hanging grate with ladders attached. Also we were able to go on the roof, pretty serene up there.

Closeup of the rooftop material.

The back of the house.

If you keep going up the hill behind the house you find a destroyed water tower.

Apparently, if we had gone past the Nazi house we would have seen more, definitely going to have to go back one of these days.

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