February 14, 2015

Murphy's Ranch, Los Angeles, Ca


This time- no annoying film students, thank Valentines Day for that.



January 11, 2015

This place was pretty cool. It was a little off the grid, but not a terrible drive. Hiking through rock formations that are considerably much larger than you, kind of put things in to a little perspective.



December 26, 2014

For a Christmas present to us, my friend and I took ourselves to out to an early morning mini-roadtrip. We had decided to go see Salvation Mountain, and it was refreshing to be there during a time when there were less visitors crowding up the p...

November 29, 2014

Making yourself go outdoord when it's chilly outside isn't the easiest, especially for my Southern-Californian taste, but the sunrise burning through the morning fog and beautiful surroundings made this hike totally worth it.

July 26, 2014

It's interesting to see a tourist attraction that is left for dead, so to speak. The front of this place was actually pretty stunning to approach. We parked our car in a rather normal looking wilderness sort of park and then came across what lo...

July 19, 2014

If you want an uninterupted visit to the Nazi Camp, I would suggest going during the week. We went on a Sunday, biggest mistake ever. Not only was it crowded with hikers (that was expected), but there was a rather large group of college student...

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